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Sony confirms it’s working on next-gen PlayStation VR

After rumours and speculation aplenty, Sony has revealed its plans for next-gen PlayStation VR hardware.



Playstation VR
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The Future of PlayStation VR awaits.

After rumours and speculation aplenty, Sony has unveiled its next-gen VR hardware… sort of. Announcing the PS VR successor via the official PlayStation blog, Sony teased changes coming to motion controllers, wired implementation, and the potential of the next-gen hardware.

The next generation of PS VR promises “a much stronger sense of presence and deeper immersion to players compared with traditional games.” PS VR has delivered some excellent titles across its nearly five-year run, with games such as Resident Evil VII, Beat Saber, and Tetris Effect.


Sony’s next iteration of VR “enhances everything from resolution and field of view to tracking and input.” Setup will be heavily simplified, with a promised single cord connecting the hardware to the PS5. This will act as a major improvement over the insanely messy wired set up currently in use for the PSVR.

The current Motion Controllers used for PS VR, which are the same as those used on the PS3, are also getting a much-needed upgrade with PlayStation’s new VR controller. Sony is light on specific details, but it will incorporate features found in the DualSense wireless controller, as well as a focus on ergonomics. Hopefully, this focus will introduce the much-needed analogue sticks to PlayStation’s next iteration of VR controls.

Sony says that there is still a lot to be developed and, therefore, the next-gen PS VR system will not launch in 2021. Fans may be disappointed by this relatively casual and light on details announcement. In the meantime, however, VR fans lucky enough to get their hands on a PS5 can see performance enhancements from their next-gen console, with titles such as Sniper Elite VR and After The Fall on their way this year.


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