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Spelunky 2 announced for PS4

During Sony’s showcase at Paris Games Week, was the announcement of Spelunky 2, the follow-up to Derek Yu’s iconic indue, for the PS4.



Spelunky 2

During Sony’s showcase at Paris Games Week, was the announcement of Spelunky 2 for the PS4.

It follows on from 2012’s Spelunky, the rogue-like developed by Derek Yu which helped launched indie games into the stratosphere along with titles like Braid and Limbo.

A trailer was shown with the message, “Look to the skies, the walls are shifting once again.” Behold:


It’s an absolutely charming trailer, which shows the original Spelunky’s hero having grown older, with a partner and child, and an outrageously gormless looking dog.

What could “look to the skies” mean? Does it mean we might be heading up into the clouds? Or perhaps that we are going spelunking in space this time around? It isn’t implausible, given that the original had players exploring not just caves, tombs, and temples, but a UFO at one point. Oh, and hell.

It’s being developed by Mossmouth, just as the original was, meaning that it’s probably going to remain controller-hurlingly difficult, just as the original was. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

There isn’t currently a release date set for Spelunky 2, and it’s also not clear if it will remain exclusive to PS4, or if it will be available for the PC and Xbox One in time.

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