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Thunder Lotus Games announces an impressive free content roadmap for Spiritfarer.

The first content expansion, Lily, is due this spring. Stella uncovers memories in the form of blossoms in her cabin that form a new spirit friend, her younger sister. The update also includes a UI overhaul and co-op fishing.

The Beverly update follows later in the year and introduces Stella’s old neighbour, Beverly. This expansion also adds a new station called the Archive Room, and a brand new set of collectables called Acetate Sheets. Quality of life tweaks are also promised.

Finally, the Jackie & Daria update will be released this fall. In this add-on, Stella discovers a new island that is home to a dilapidated hospital. What stories do caretaker Jackie and patient Daria have to tell? The update also adds a new event to the game.

It’s a generous and tantalising roadmap for a game that continues to grow in stature. We were enchanted by Spiritfarer when we first saw it back in 2019, and it’s heartening to see it connect with so many players. The game made many 2020 GOTY lists, including our own.

Spiritfarer 2021 roadmap

Spiritfarer is available now on PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Stadia.

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