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Splatoon 2 demo and online multiplayer event coming to Nintendo Switch in March.

Nintendo has announced the schedule for the upcoming Splatoon 2 Global Testfire Event for Nintendo Switch.

A demo for the paint-splatting sequel will be available to download next month that will allow players to join battles in six, hour-long sessions over three days at the end of March. The event – which is effectively a timed beta – follows the format set by the first Splatoon title on Wii U, which held its own Testfire event in May, 2015.

Hisashi Nogami, producer on the Splatoon series, has also detailed some of the new features coming to the game which is due for release this summer.

One new addition is Private Battle Spectator View. The new mode allows two players to take on the roles of fully equipped cameramen in a Private Battle, recording the eight player matches from multiple angles and able to broadcast the results online. Who would have thought that Nintendo would ever let us be war zone reporters?

Also coming to the game is LAN Play. Up to 10 docked consoles can be connected via wired LAN for professional tournaments, while eight players can connect via local wireless for general play.

The Global Testfire event will also give players the opportunity to test four weapons, including the new Splat Dualies, plus revised versions of the Splat Roller and Splat Charger.

Splatoon 2 – Global Testfire Dates


Friday, March 24th

  • 19:00pm – 19:59pm GMT / 20:00pm – 20:59pm CET

Saturday, March 25th

  • 3:00am – 3:59am GMT / 4:00am – 4:59am CET
  • 11:00am – 11:59am GMT / 12:00pm – 12:59pm CET
  • 19:00pm – 19:59pm GMT / 20:00pm – 20:59pm CET

Sunday, March 26th

  • 4:00am – 4:59am BST/ 5:00am – 5:59am CEST
  • 12:00pm – 12:59pm BST/ 13:00pm – 13:59pm CEST

North America

Friday, March 24th

  • 12:00 – 12:59pm PT / 3:00 – 3:59pm ET
  • 8:00 – 8:59pm PT / 11:00 – 11:59pm ET

Saturday, March 25th

  • 4:00 – 4:59am PT / 7:00 – 7:59am ET
  • 12:00 – 12:59pm. PT / 3:00 – 3:59pm ET
  • 8:00 – 8:59pm. PT / 11:00 – 11:59pm ET

Sunday, March 26th

  • 4:00 – 4:59am PT / 7:00 – 7:59am ET

Splatoon 2 will also give us the first opportunity to test the new Nintendo Switch smart phone app. The app will connect to the game and lets players schedule play dates with friends from their Nintendo Switch friend lists or social media accounts. The app also provides voice chat and supports both open and team chat in Splatoon 2.

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