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Star Wars Battlefront II campaign takes 5-7 hours to finish

The addition of a single player campaign to Star Wars Battlefront 2 is big news, and the developer has said it takes 5-7 hours to finish.



EA Star Wars Battlefront II story trailer

In a game centred on sprawling online multiplayer battles, the addition of a single player campaign is probably the biggest addition to Star Wars Battlefront II.

In an interview with Press Start, Motive studio producer David Robillard explained that the campaign is going to be short and sweet: “Around 5-7, maybe 8 hours.”

Robillard explains that the team at Motive “Wanted to stay very driven towards the Star Wars fantasy that the players are going to experience and not have it be drawn out.”


After EA announced at E3 that all DLC for the game is going to be free, the question was put to Robillard about the possibility of story DLC for Star Wars Battlefront II: “We’re not ready to announce anything at this time. We’ll see based on the reception the single player has, if we offer free DLC or not.”

In other recent Star Wars game-related news, the newest trailer for Battlefront II dropped a couple of days ago; check it out here.

And, in rather less exciting, sadder news, EA has closed down Visceral Games. This means that the upcoming Star Wars game with Amy Hennig attached – code-named Project Ragtag – is no more. It’s like Star Wars 1313 all over again.

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