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A new Steam Store sale is offering discounts of up 85% to celebrate the start of the 11th annual Global Game Jam.

The 2019 Global Game Jam kicks off today with thousands of developers around to the world coming together for a two-day game development marathon. The jam is taking place in 862 registered sites across 114 countries, and it’s almost certain that some of the games created over next 48 hours will become future indie hits.

To mark the event, a new Steam Store sale is offering discounts on a range of titles that got their start during previous Global Game Jams.

Sale titles include Surgeon Simulator, Mushroom 11, Screencheat, inventive physics platformer, iO, and Asteroid Base’s  excellent co-op adventure, Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime.

Seven Siegel, executive director of Global Game Jam, said:

“The 11th annual Global Game Jam is already underway in a number of countries, starting from New Zealand and moving east, and we are excited to see what creative ideas emerge from this year’s secret theme,” said. “Some truly unique concepts and fun video game experiences have come out of past Global Game Jams, and we are thrilled that Steam is running a sale to offer some of the best of these games for a discounted price in celebration of this weekend of global video game creative collaboration.”

You can follow the Game Jam this weekend via its official Mixer live stream, on Twitter, or on Discord.

The sale goes live at 10:00am PST today, and ends on Sunday. Head over to the Steam Store for the full lineup of included games.

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