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And if you choose to buy the game during the Steep free weekend, you’ll get a hefty discount. Which is nice.

It’s absolutely bucketing down snow in the Alps right now. Yes, there’s a bit of avalanche dodging to be done and some parts of resorts are closed as a result, but having watched some snow report videos the powder looks epic. Sad to be missing out on all that wintery goodness?

Then maybe you should check out the Steep free weekend.

Steep‘s a bit good, by the way, in case you hadn’t heard. Taking the same approach Forza Horizon 3 brought to the motor racing genre – opening the barriers, doing away with the static race formula, and generally being huge gobs of fun – was a stroke of genius for Ubisoft. And if you’ve not given it a go, then you’re really missing out.

Steep free weekend unlock times

  • Xbox One: 10th March at 8:01am GMT to 13th March at 7:59am GMT
  • PS4: 10th March at 6pm GMT to 13th March at 6pm GMT
  • PC: 10th March at 6pm GMT to 13th March at 6pm GMT (via Ubisoft Uplay)

So if you happen to have Friday off work then you’re definitely going to want to play the Steep free weekend on Xbox One; otherwise, the PC and PS4 sessions will start a bit later on Friday, but run through the day on Monday.

And if you choose to purchase Steep over the weekend, during your free trial, then you’ll be able to benefit from the following discounts:

  • Xbox One: 50% discount (Standard Edition), 40% discount (Gold Edition) via Xbox Live
  • PS4: 50% discount (Standard Edition), 44% discount (Gold Edition) via PlayStation Network
  • PC: 40% discount (on both Standard and Gold Editions) via Ubisoft Uplay

So there’s a slight incentive to pick the PS4 version, if you’re after the Steep Gold Edition, whereas the PC version – via Ubisoft’s own online service – offers the weakest discounts. Though to be fair, it’s roughly half price however you slice it, which is a cracking discount on a belter of a snowsports game.

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