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It’s been rumoured that a BioShock collection would be coming for some time, following a false-start leak from South African online retailer Raru in September last year. Then, unfortunately, everything went quiet. Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection has been and gone since then, proving the popularity – if any proof were needed – of these remastered classics, and there’s even been movement on both System Shock 3 and the remaster of the original System Shock, without any further word on the BioShock collection.

That is, until today.

Twitter user @lifelower has spotted reference to BioShock: The Collection on the Taiwanese ratings agency’s website, indicating that it will be coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Even better than that, it features a glimpse of some very beautiful and informative BioShock: The Collection box art:

Now, we all knew that if a compilation like this came to pass we’d be heading back to Rapture, the Rand-esque underwater dystopian setting of the first two games, but the purported BioShock: The Collection box art also includes a glimpse of Columbia, floating above Rapture’s lighthouse in the heavens.

There’s always a lighthouse, there’s always a man, there’s always a city; colour us excited, folks.

At this point we have no idea if this will be a full-on remaster or simply a port of the originals, but it’s pleasing to know that – if the BioShock: The Collection box art is indeed accurate – the bundle will include all three of the landmark titles. Hopefully 2K will see their way to bundling in all of the excellent DLC too, which will make the rumoured BioShock compilation an absolute must-have.

What’s interesting to note is just how much this cover art echoes some of the fan art and unofficial posters based on the beloved series, which were designed and created long before this purported BioShock: The Collection box art was discovered or possibly even conceived:

BioShock: The Collection poster01 BioShock: The Collection poster02 BioShock: The Collection poster03


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