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Super Mario Run is getting a huge new update next week.

An extensive new update for Nintendo’s mobile platformer Super Mario Run will be released on September 29, 2017. It adds a brand new mode, a new world, and Princess Daisy as an unlockable character. News of the update comes via the iOS App Store’s shiny new front page.

So what’s included?

Remix 10

Remix 10 is a new mode featuring an ever-changing mix of 10 short gameplay sections taken from existing Super Mario Run levels. The levels are remixed every time, and offer a range of new rainbow-coloured medals to collect. Remix 10 does away with the Game Over screen, meaning it can be used as a good way for players to skill-up and familiarise themselves with level layouts. Win enough rainbow medals in Remix 10, and you can unlock Princess Daisy.

Princess Daisy

Once Princess Daisy has been unlocked in Remix 10 she becomes a playable character, complete with her signature double-jump move. Daisy can be used in all of the game’s existing modes, including Toad Rally.

World Star

World Star features nine new levels, plus a selection of enemies new to Super Mario Run. Each level will have also a new series of pink, purple, and black coins to collect.

The update also adds a neat visual flourish. If you play your own music in the background, Mario and his chums will wear headphones in-game. And to promote the new content, the much-maligned in-app purchase to unlock the bulk of Super Mario Run will be discounted by 50% for a period of two weeks.

It’s a big month for Princess Daisy, who is also about to take a starring role in Super Mario Odyssey for the Nintendo Switch. In fact, we shouldn’t be surprised by the timing of this update. Nintendo have always said they would use their mobile titles as a way of promoting their home console business, so Daisy’s appearance in Super Mario Run is probably not coincidental.

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