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NHS staff can get a free copy Surgeon Simulator 2 from Bossa Studios and simulate their job being enjoyable in these hard times.

NHS workers have received an outpouring of support from companies during the COVID-19 pandemic with freebies and discounts aplenty.

The latest to join them is the mostly well-received, August-released sequel from Bossa Studios, Surgeon Simulator 2. All you need is your NHS login and a free moment between October 1st – 22nd and you’re golden.

It’s not the first gaming freebie bestowed to hard-working NHS staff everywhere. The Games for Carers initiative in April helped give out 85,000 games from 63 publishers to provide “some well-earned downtime”.

Surgeon Simulator 2 screenshot

It’s a mighty generous freebie for sure, but whether real medical professionals really want to return to a virtual hospital seems like the question to me. The game’s boast of being the “least realistic surgical simulator ever made” certainly assuages most concerns, however.

David Miller from North Middlesex University Hospital even posted on Twitter to say it would “go nicely with the copy of Two Point Hospital I purchased to practice my ops management”. In that case, I’m sure we can all look forward to the excellent additional training Surgeon Simulator 2 will provide!

Surgeon yourself or not, be sure to give any NHS staff you know a nudge about the offer. Visit this page to request a key.

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