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Taito Milestones brings ten classic games to Nintendo Switch (updated)

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Inin Games has partnered with legendary studio Taito on a new compilation of 80s classics for the Nintendo Switch.

Taito Milestones includes ten games, “each representing a breakthrough in development and gaming history.”

The collection is a potted history of Taito’s work during the 1980s and features several arcade classics. 1981’s line drawing action puzzle game Qix is a personal favourite. Front Line and Elevator Action are also fondly remembered.

Taito Milestones games

Taito Milestones – Confirmed Games

Qix – 1981

Draw lines as the “Marker” and capture areas by encircling them. Watch out for enemies while moving around!

SpaceSeeker – 1981

A hybrid of strategy and shooting as you battle against ever-approaching waves of enemy air forces in 3D, and mobile fortresses in 2D.

Alpine Ski – 1982

Enter the stage of the world of snow and take part in three competitions: Downhill ski, slalom and ski jump!

Front Line – 1982

Push forward to the enemy camp as a foot soldier! Drive tanks and armored vehicles!

Wild Western – 1982

Defeat the gangs attacking from all directions with your trusty rifle! You are the law!

Chack’n Pop – 1983

Hang in there, Chack’n! Get back the hearts from the thieving Monsta.

Elevator Action – 1983

Infiltrate a building as a spy on a solo mission, get all secret documents and make your escape!

The FairyLand Story – 1985

As the witch Ptolemy, you have to defeat the monsters deep inside the castle!

Halley’s Comet – 1986

Halley’s comet is headed for the planets of our solar system. Destroy the computer at its center!

The NinjaWarriors – 1987

Advance into enemy territory as an android ninja to crush the evil Banglar’s ambitions!

A physical “Collector’s Edition” will also be released by Strictly Limited Games. True to the company’s name, it will be limited to 2,000 copies. A slightly less limited “Limited Edition” will have a print run of 3,000 copies. Pre-orders open on November 25, when the content of both releases will be confirmed.

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