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Adorable cardboard Yoshi Switch game’s release date has slipped

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An updated listing on the Nintendo eshop shows the cardboard Yoshi Switch game has been delayed.

While there was altogether too much of one thing at the Nintendo Direct briefing today – looking at you, excruciatingly detailed Smash Bros. feature – there were a couple of things missing. We didn’t see much of Mario Tennis Aces, for example, which launches on June 22nd, 2018.

More importantly, however, we didn’t see even the slightest whiff of the Nintendo Switch game we’re already most looking forward to, the adorable cardboard Yoshi game which was revealed in 2017.

Sadly, there was good reason for us not seeing even a snip of the cardboard Yoshi game: its release date has slipped, from 2018 to 2019. You can see evidence over on the game’s eshop page, where the date has indeed changed:

cardboard yoshi release date delayed

And Gameinformer seem to have had the date slippage confirmed. So you know, that’s our E3 basically ruined.

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