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It’s a good week for kitty cosplayers and Tekken 7 fans (there’s got to be an overlap in there somewhere).

Yesterday, the live-action trailer for Cats pounced on the internet. But, most importantly, today, the famously feline King helped boost fighting Tekken 7 game to four million lifetime sales. (We might be overstating his importance a little, but King was a shirtless furry before it was socially acceptable.)

Bandai Namco US announced the sales figure on Twitter. The tweet included some bizarrely ornate key art featuring the fighter’s sprawling cast.

Tekken 7 debuted in arcades in 2015, followed by a console release worldwide in June of 2017. Then, in October of 2018, Katsuhiro Harada, the game’s director and longtime series producer, announced that it had surpassed 3 million copies sold.

That tweet, too, included some bizarrely ornate key art.

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