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Prepare yourself for the release of Tetris branded beachwear and diapers

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The Tetris Company announces new deals to produce everything from makeup accessories and beach wear, to T-shirts and, erm, diapers.

Tetris is back, there’s no escaping it. Following the triumphant release of Tetsuya Mizuguchi’s stunning Tetris Effect on PlayStation 4, and the surprising success of Tetris 99 on the Nintendo Switch, the classic puzzle game appears to be winning over a whole new generation of players

As the game celebrates its 35th Anniversary, a range of new product partnerships will see the iconic brand slapped onto a slew of consumer products that focuses on improve skin elasticity.

The new licenses – announced today by The Tetris Company and sole agent Blue Planet Software –  include branded clothing from FairPlay, Glam Bags from ipsy, and cloth diapers from Kanga Care.

Sock It to Me will be producing socks for men and women, MC2 Saint Bart will be printing tetrominoes onto a new line of beach wear products, and Baroque Japan has the licence to produce a range of T-shirts. The new products will drop into stores around the world this spring and summer.

Maya Rogers, president of Blue Planet Software, said:

“It’s the Tetris brand’s 35th anniversary and our most stylish year yet. We are very excited to announce an incredible slate of new licensee partners, consisting of many of the hottest names in beauty and fashions. Fans will have a range of smart, modern designs to show their distinct personalities and affinity for Tetris.”

The socks, we’re tempted by. The diapers? Well, we will try to resist the urge to make a joke about bricks.

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