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The latest update for Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 adds the Gunner Specialization and a host of other gameplay additions.

Following a brief period of downtime, the latest update for The Division 2 is now live. Update 4 adds the long-awaited Gunner Specialization, plus new Special Field Research tasks, and the blueprint for the Dodge City Gunslinger Exotic Holster.

There’s little in the way of mission of story-based content, but the update includes plenty of small changes that will affect the game at large.

Ubisoft will be broadcasting a new State of the Game stream tomorrow featuring more news and community content from The Division 2. You can tune in via Twitch, Mixer and YouTube at 4:00 PM BST /  8:00 AM PDT.

In the meantime, take a look at the Gunner Specialization in action.

Here’s the full break down of changes, additions and improvements taken from the game’s patch notes.

The Division 2 – Update 4 – Version 1.09 patch notes

New specialization: Gunner

Introducing the first post-launch Specialization! The Gunner is equipped with a powerful minigun and will serve as the vanguard for SHD agents.

Special Field Research

  • To unlock the Specialization when Title Update 4 hits the live servers, you’ll be tasked to complete five stages of in-game challenges!
  • Year One Pass owners will unlock the Specialization immediately but will also be able to go on a Special Field Research, unlocking unique cosmetic rewards!


  • Changed Clan Weekly Projects to be easier to complete for smaller clans.
  • Reduced CXP requirements for each tier of Clan Cache.
  • Invites and join requests that have not been responded to within 28 days will automatically be removed from the clan inbox.
  • Added last online status to show when clan members were last active.
  • Added a weekly reset timer the clan progression menu, giving a clear indicator on when you will be able to collect your cache.
  • Added indicators for members already in a group, and how many free spaces are available on the clan roster page.
  • Added a new “Keyword” section in the clan details, allowing players to choose from a list of predefined words to describe their clan.
  • Added “Keyword” search functionality when looking for a clan.
  • The clan member who earns the top distinction of the week will receive a medal icon over their name in the clan roster.
  • Clan insignia is now visible when using photo mode


  • Generic Protocol Mod and Generic System Mod can no longer be equipped in High-End, Gear Set and Exotic items.
    • You will still be able to equip them in lower quality items.
    • All other mods can be equipped in slots matching their type (Offense, Defense, Utility).


  • Roosevelt Island
    • Shipping containers containing virus samples will now be easier to spot.


  • Specific talents requirements for project donations has been removed.
  • Replica/crafted items requirement for project donations has been removed.
  • Added World Tier 5 requirements for some projects.
  • Increased rewards for most projects.


  • All Specializations have received a talent tree rework.


  • Removed “bulletproof” backpacks from NPCs that would block all incoming damage.
  • Decreased acceleration of NPCs when repositioning in cover.
  • Enabled Engineer archetype NPCs to set up Turrets on the ground if no valid cover position exists.
  • Fixed various issues with Controller archetype NPCs getting stuck or being unresponsive in certain situations.
  • NPCs can’t be suppressed when deploying a Drone.


  • Removed redundant “!” for new items shown in Cache Content in Proficiency Caches.
  • Apparel Caches should now only display a “!” in the UI when a key is acquired and once the key has been seen should disappear.
  • There’s now a timer that shows the cooldown before being able to kick a player from a group.


  • Further improved the Reviver Hive which should result in it more reliably reviving downed agents.
  • Assault Drone
    • After killing its current target, the Assault Drone will now attack the enemy the player is currently shooting. If no target is being shot, it will attack the closest enemy to its owner instead.
  • Firefly
    • Pathing of all Firefly mods has been improved
    • Aiming improvements on all Firefly mods.
    • Base cooldown durations for all Firefly mods have been reduced
      • Blinder 60 seconds (previously 120 seconds).
      • Demolisher and Burster 90 seconds (previously 120 seconds).
    • All Firefly mods have incremental cooldowns based on number of targets payload successfully deploys against (this however does not apply if the Firefly was destroyed by an enemy)
    • Blind status effect applied by the Blinder Firefly now lasts 8 seconds (previously 5 seconds).


  • New Exotic Holster: Dodgy City Gunslinger’s Holster


  • Rooted
    • The talent description now states the intended cooldown of 60 seconds.


  • Further improved Discovery Merits to allow loot boxes opened by other players count towards every group member’s progress.

Dark Zone

  • Players can now go Rogue in the Occupied Dark Zone. Dealing damage to other Agents (outside of your group) will cause the player to disavow The Division.
  • There is no grey Rogue in the ODZ. Damaging other Agents is the only way to go Rogue in the ODZ.
  • Additional Manhunt ranks have been added to the ODZ. Players still have to clear their bounties at SHD terminals, but additional rewards are available to players who clear (or claim) a high rank bounty.
  • Manhunt ranks are now infinite in the ODZ. Killing other Agents increases the player’s Manhunt rank, along with their Dark Zone XP rewards on a successful bounty clear. Compete on a new leaderboard for the highest ODZ Manhunt rank!


  • Rifle PvP damage modifier increased to 1.7.
  • Shotgun PvP damage modifier increased to 1.65.

For more details on the update’s plethora of bug fixes, head over to the Ubisoft forumTom Clancy’s The Division 2 is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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