The Golf Club 2- PS4, Xbox One, PC
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The Golf Club 2 confirmed for spring release on PC, PS4 and Xbox One

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Maximum Games and HB Studios publish a first look trailer and reveal more details about their beautiful afternoon stroll simulator, The Golf Club 2.

According to publisher Maximum Games, many of The Golf Club 2‘s new features and changes have come in response to feedback from players of the first game. Tweaks include refinements to the game’s swing mechanics, a new range of player customisation options, and improvements to online tournaments.

Developers HB Studio have also fleshed out the game’s career mode with a series of career-specific tournaments that must be completed to progress.

Another addition is Societies, which players can create or join. Players can then represent their primary society at events and upgrade its clubhouse as they progress. Career earnings from each event can also be used to buy clothing and accessories, as well as pay society membership fees. Maybe it’s just a little too much like real life in that respect?

The Course Creator also returns to The Golf Club 2 with a host of enhancements that will give creators more freedom to build courses that suit their individual playing style. Other course creator additions include tournament dressings with media stands, crowd placement options, and multi-level water features.

And if you’ve put time into the first game’s creation mode, fear not, you can transfer those courses to the new game.

The Day 1 edition of The Golf Club 2 is available to pre-order now and includes the following bonus content.

The Golf Club 2 – Day 1 Edition content

  • Moneybags – An instant payout that will boost your career and save time and money
  • Elite Club – An exclusive 24K solid gold driver
  • Premier Clubhouse – Access to a high society clubhouse for you and your friends
  • Heirloom Apparel – A stylish throwback outfit from the golden age of golf (the ’80s?)
  • Elite Emblem – A signature badge to add to your Society Logo.

The Golf Club 2 will be released this Spring on PlayStation 4 computer, Xbox One, and Windows PC via Steam.

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