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You can now play The Last of Us Part II in 4K at 60FPS

Smooth moves, Ellie – the Enhanced Performance Patch is here for The Last of Us Part II.



The Last of Us Part II 4k 60fps
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Smooth moves, Ellie – the Enhanced Performance Patch is here for The Last of Us Part II.

Nearly a year on from its release, and six months after the launch for the PS5, The Last of Us Part II has received its much needed next-gen update. Players will be able to play the game in a crisp 4K and a buttery-smooth 60 frames-per-second as a result of a free update which is available now.

The Enhanced Performance Patch trailer, which showcases the game’s various accolades, highlighted the “targeted 60 fps” and “enhanced visuals” that the update brings to all Part II players for free.


Despite early leaks and online controversy, when The Last of Us Part II released last June it received glowing reviews. Like most Naughty Dog titles, Part II pushed the PS4 to the limit graphically and did so at the expense of frame rate – which remains capped at a measly 30fps.

Coupled with the fact that you will actually be able to hear the game – comparing the PS5’s whisper-quiet fans to the PS4’s repurposed jet turbines – and the previously implemented haptic feedback, this PS5 update will easily become the best way to play through The Last of Us Part II.

The update’s arrival comes just weeks after game director Neil Druckmann revealed that the story outline for the as-yet-unannounced The Last of Us Part III has already been written.

So get out the tissues as you revisit one of the greatest (and emotional) games available on PlayStation. The Last of Us Part II Performance Enhancement Patch is available now, for free, to any players with a copy of the game.


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