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The Outer Worlds asks “Who do you think you are?” in colourful launch trailer

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The Outer Worlds looks awfully colourful in new “launch” trailer.

“Launch” is in quotes, of course, because Obsidian’s new first-person RPG doesn’t actually release for another week. That said, we understand the impulse; this spiritual successor to Fallout: New Vegas, due out Oct. 25, can’t get here soon enough.

The new trailer shows off a flurry of brightly colored biomes, while space pirate companion, Ellie, sets the scene.

“Look who it is: The Stranger who came out of nowhere and now has everyone talking. Some people want you to be a savior, a shining beacon of hope,” she says via voice over.

“Those people clearly haven’t met you yet.”

From there, the trailer shows off The Outer Worlds’ first-person action, while posing the question the game will offer players: “Who do you think you are?”

After a few early accolades spin up on screen, Ellie reminds would-be players: “Remember, whatever happens out there… it’ll all be your fault.”

Is that a threat or a promise (of an exciting choice-driven narrative)? Decide for yourself.

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