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Torchlight II is this week’s Epic freebie.

Torchlight III hasn’t gone over great with critics or fans. Following its early access launch in June, Runic’s action-RPG is saddled with “Mixed” reviews on Steam and hasn’t fared better with the press.

Torchlight II, however, has had eight years to get to become the beacon of hack-and-slash fun it is now, boasting “Very Positive” reviews on Steam. It’s also free. If you’ve been paying attention to Epic freebies for a while, this will be the second game in the series to appear in your library. The first Torchlight was free on the platform last July.

But, if this is your first time venturing onto Epic’s storefront, have no fear! Creating an account is simple. Follow this link to find the site. Then, you’ll just need to choose a username and password and you’re ready to go. From there, claiming the game works just like buying it, but the price will ring up $0.00.

Now that Torchlight II is up for grabs, Epic has revealed next week’s free duo. The star of the show is Fullbright’s Gone Home follow-up, Tacoma. Released in 2017, this sci-fi walking sim will forever be remembered as the game that best solved the problem of audio logs, by instead, having you watch recordings captured by the ship’s AI.

Next Up Hero will also be free. The 2018 action-RPG was developed by Digital Continue, creators of SuperMash, the game that makes games.

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