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Pre-orders open for Evercade’s two Atari Lynx collections

Two collections of classic Atari Lynx games are coming to the Evercade retro video game console later this year.



Evercade - Atari Lynx Collection
Evercade / Thumbsticks

Two collections of classic Atari Lynx games are coming to the Evercade retro video game console later this year.

If you haven’t seen the Evercade retro gaming console, here’s a quick primer. The console – which was released in May – is a handheld gaming system that, instead of using ROMs stored on SD cards, uses a proprietary cartridge format.

The console has a nifty 4.3-inch in-built display but also supports TV output so you can play on the go or at home. It’s a lovely little device that, to date, has received 12 collections of classic video games from the likes of Data East, Technōs, Namco, and Interplay.


Evercade Retro Games Console

Evercade has today announced that pre-orders are open for two collections of classic Atari Lynx games. The first cart features 17 titles, including Awesome Golf, Crystal Mines II, and Basketbrawl. The second contains eight games, including Electro CopCheckered Flag and the classic California Games.

Evercade – Atari Lynx Collection 1

  • Scrapyard Dog
  • Basketbrawl
  • Super Asteroids/Missile Command
  • Awesome Golf
  • Crystal Mines II: Buried Treasure
  • CyberVirus
  • Dracula the Undead
  • Gordo 106
  • Ishido: The Way of Stones
  • Jimmy Connors Tennis
  • Loopz
  • Malibu Bikini Volleyball
  • MegaPak
  • Power Factor
  • Remnant
  • Super Sqweek
  • Xump

Evercade – Atari Lynx Collection 2

  • California Games
  • Todd’s Adventures in Slimeworld
  • Electro Cop
  • Gates of Zendocon
  • Zarlor Mercenary
  • Blue Lightning
  • Chips Challenge
  • Checkered Flag

Evercade says that another – currently unannounced – game collection is in the works and also due later this year. Both Atari Lynx collections will be released on November 6 from Amazon and other online retailers. You can find a full list of official outlets on the official Evercade website.

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