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Two Point Hospital now includes Headcrabs, and is free to play this weekend

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With patients suffering from a curious Half-Life related illness, it’s good news that Two Point Hospital is free to play this weekend.

If you are yet to pay a visit to Two Point Hospital, don’t pass up this weekend’s opportunity to play the game for free on PC via Steam. The Open Surgery Free Weekend runs until March 18, and includes access to the full game.

To promote the event, a range of special guest items from popular Sega-published franchises are also being added to the game. Look out for items from Endless Space, Endless Dungeon, and the Total War and Football Manager franchises.

There’s also a special Headcrabbedness guest illness to treat that will look familiar to anyone who has ever taken a vacation to City 17.

Two Point Hospital - free play weekend

Throughout the promotion, Two Point Hospital is also reduced by 33% on Steam. All saved progress from the free weekend will carry over to the purchased copy of the game.

The game also gets a second major expansion on Sunday. The Pebberley Island DLC adds three more hospitals, new illnesses, and new gameplay modes.

In related news, there are also discounts available of up to 90% in the Sega Publisher Steam Sale. There are savings on games from the Sonic the Hedgehog, Football Manager, Bayonetta, and Warhammer franchises.

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