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Ubisoft announces The Division Heartland, a standalone spin-off

It’s “a Ubisoft original” called “Tom Clancy’s The Division Heartland,” apparently, which offends our editors on all sorts of levels.



The Division Heartland

It’s “a Ubisoft original” called “Tom Clancy’s The Division Heartland,” apparently, which offends our editors on all sorts of levels.

Ubisoft has rather unceremoniously dumped a mass of information on the future of The Division – and despite its delivery, the future is looking bright.

The biggest of the announcements is The Division Heartland. Heartland is a free-to-play title set within the same universe, developed by Red Storm Entertainment. The studio has been providing additional work on a collection of Tom Clancy titles, including The Division 2, for over 20 years.


Heartland will reportedly be a standalone game that doesn’t require prior knowledge or experience with the franchise. Ubisoft stated that it will provide a “new perspective on the universe in a new setting”. The Division Heartland will arrive on consoles, cloud and PC between 2021 and 2022, and players can also signup for playtesting.

Heartland wasn’t the only Division project in development as per the post. A mobile version of the game was mentioned, and Ubisoft reaffirmed that The Division movie with Netflix is indeed still happening.

The Division roadmap 2021-2022

The announcement also took time to highlight the success of The Division 2, which has surpassed 40 million players. 2020 expansion Warlords of New York become its most successful expansion yet, though we’re not sure by what metric. With more content to drop later this year, Ubisoft hinted at “new methods for levelling your agent”.

It looks like there are plenty of reasons to be excited as a Division fan, and many will be waiting to see where Heartland takes the franchise when it launches 2021-2022.


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