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Ubisoft details the sixth year of content for tactical team-based shooter, Rainbow Six Siege.

Year Six – which launches with Crimson Heat – will introduce new operators, gameplay changes, and map updates across. It will also arrive with new inclusions to the game’s battle pass.

This year’s content will introduce four new operators – a reduced amount from last year’s six, and eight the year before. The first will be Flores, a medium speed Argentinian attacker armed with a remote-controlled explosive. Titled the RCE, Flores’ explosive device can force dug-in players out of difficult spots with a short fuse and powerful explosion.

Following Flores, Ubisoft teased three other operators across its four-season year, originating from the Nakoda region of Northern America, Croatia, and Ireland. Each new season will also come with a host of map reworks, with a particular focus on maps Border, Favela, and Outback – with Border’s changes arriving in Season One.

Further additions include the “Gonne-6”, a new secondary gadget as part of operator arsenals. As a bonus, the Elite Skin of Resident Evil protagonist Jill Valentine will be available for operator Zofia, with another Resi character skin arriving later this year.

The biggest shakeup for Rainbow Six Siege stems from the seasonal battle pass. Previously home to skins and equipment gear, Operators will now appear as part of the battle pass, which will remain the same price as previous years. While this is likely a result of the reduced number of new Operators – decreasing the worth of yearly passes – it will likely prove to be a welcome change.

Across Year Six, the game will receive updates to core gameplay, increased Operator customisation, and further quality of life improvements. Crimson Heat will be available to battle pass owners on March 16 before it rolls out to all other players on March 30.

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