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A cancelled Mario racing game for the Nintendo DS has been revealed, called Mario Motors, where players would sculpt their own engines.

During Reboot Develop 2018, Yutaka ‘Yoot’ Saito, the creator of Dreamcast virtual pet game Seaman, revealed the scrapped project.

It also sounds brilliantly bizarre, in the way that so many original DS games did back then.

This is from a Eurogamer report, well worth a read:

“He described an idea for a game in which you would sculpt, from a chunk of metal, an engine for a car, and how its shape would determine its ability. “I explained this crazy idea and they listened to me very carefully in complete silence, and finally they said, ‘That sounds interesting – let’s give it a try,’ he said.


“We decided we could do a different type of game. It isn’t released. It’s codenamed Mario Motors.”

Reportedly, one idea for the game was that players would blow into the mic to power the engines. It was scrapped because it would have caused children to get out of breath.

Check this slide out, showing off some art from the game:


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