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Valve demo the Knuckles EV2 VR controller with a new game set in the Portal universe.

Such is the splendour of Valve’s Portal series that the merest hint of more content gives us palpitations, be it Portal-themed tables in Zen Pinball, or the remarkably fun crossover with Bridge Constructor.

The latest example is Moondust, a new game-cum-tech demo used to show off the capabilities of Valve’s Knuckles EV2 controller. Moondust is set within the Portal universe, and drops the player into the role of a giant robot on the moon. The loose premise is the search for a new portal conductor source on behalf of Aperture Lunar Resources.

Against this backdrop, game developers can test the capabilities of the Knuckles EV2 through various gameplay activities including crushing moon rocks, driving a buggy, assembling a space station, and throwing items.

The new controller can detect all ten fingers, as well as grip strength, use of force, and pinching. The demo also utilises the controller’s face buttons, thumbstick, sensor inputs, and haptic feedback capabilities.

In a post on the device’s Steam Community page, Valve say the new controller is big step forward for VR inputs:

Moondust was created on a limited schedule, and is not perfect. It is, however, the best current demonstration of all the features of Knuckles EV2. Now that it’s out there in the world, it’s your turn. Take the ideas presented here and expand on them. Prove us right, prove us wrong, build on our ideas and learn from our mistakes. You are at the forefront of VR input, so get out there and make some great games.”

The post includes a link to download Moondust, but bear in mind it will only work the Knuckles EV2 controller, which is currently only available to developers with a dev kit.

So, not quite the Portal sequel we were hoping for, but an impressive piece of work nevertheless.

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