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Youtubers Life – a video game very much liked by YouTube streamers – is also liked by players. Lots and lots of them.

Social media influencer simulation Youtubers Life has sold more than one million copies and earned over $12 million in revenue, developer U-Play online has announced.

The cannily designed game has received a huge amount of coverage from real-life Youtube personalities, generating over 150 million views on total popular channels hosted by the likes of PewDiePie, Call Me Kevin, Lachlan and Jacksepticeye.

To mark the achievement, U-Play Online is releasing free DLC for the PC and console editions of the game.

Youtubers Life

The new Fashion Channel add-on lets players interact with fans while creating their own clothing designs and makeup styles. Can you beat KimK in the popularity stakes? Can you choose the right threads for the right season? Can you attract the best sponsors? Can you become a top model? Can we all curl up and die now?

Full credit to U-Play Online for spotting a lucrative gap in the video game simulation genre, but we need a lie-down.

The free Youtubers Life update drops on November 7, 2019, for Microsoft Windows, OS X, Android, Linux, iOS, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. It’s free on PC and console and available as paid DLC on mobile.

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