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Was this the loneliest game at E3?

Despite long lines at E3, there was one game that no one appeared to want to play.



Farming Simulator 18 - 3DS

Despite long lines at E3, there was one game that no one appeared to want to play.

With nearly 70,000 people at E3 2017, it was hard for many visitors – especially the money-paying public – to actually play many games.

At the Nintendo booth lines stretched and snaked right into the darkest corners of the LA Convention Center. In the Xbox booth, attendees were crammed together in a sweaty mass of bodies. Over at Sony, you had to use an smart phone app to book a spot in a small theatre to watch footage you’d already seen online.


However, in one booth there was a game that, despite the heaving crowds, I never saw a single person playing: Farming Simulator 18 on 3DS.

I walked a lot at E3. A lot. Due to the crowds, and with appointments scattered far and wide, I trotted back and forth, passing the Focus Home Interactive booth on numerous occasions.

As usual, the cheery Farming Simulator barn was there, accompanied as always by a plastic cow. And although I often saw people sat on wooden creates playing the console version of the game, I never once saw a single attendee playing at that lonely 3DS demo station.

So here’s a shout out for Farming Simulator 18 on Nintendo 3DS. It’s out now on the eShop, and features all the best crops: canola, corn, sugar beet, potatoes, and, sunflowers. Add in a range of officially licensed vehicles and equipment, and you probably have someone’s game of the show.

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