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Play as anyone, with anyone. 

Ubisoft has set a release date in stone on their delayed (and delayed, and delayed) online component to the hacker sequel, Watch Dogs: Legion. Watch Dogs: Legion Online will see the single-player experience venture into the realms of live service on March 9, 2021, with the introduction of seasonal ranks, daily and weekly challenges, and cooperative tactical operations.

Originally slated for December 2020, this co-op experience arrives four months after the release of the base game. Yet despite launching to a middling reception, this online offering shows that Watch Dogs fans have plenty to look forward to.

Branching off with its separated version of post-Brexit London, the online update pits players against one another in both PvE and PvP experiences. The “Play As Anyone” angle returns, with players spending influence points to recruit skilled NPCs on the spot – acting as a far more streamlined version of recruiting. Daily and weekly challenges will contribute towards seasonal ranks, and sounding more akin to games such as The Division, Ubisoft was keen to mention endgame content, appearing here as Tactical Ops.

Players can work together to defeat increasingly difficult hacking challenges. In one example, Ubisoft showcases one group hacking two sites simultaneously on opposite ends of the map, and sneaking through drone-monitored quarantine zones.

Watch Dogs Legion Online

Additionally, players will be able to battle to the metallic death in Spiderbot Arena. Taking the control of the titular spiderbot – which remains the only gadget you need in the base game – you will face off against teams of six in this more traditional team deathmatch styled mode, with the use of attachable shotguns, assault rifles and missile launchers.

Whether this ambitious – if a little uninspiring – online addition will take off is yet to be seen. Regardless, players will be able to explore a near-future London with friends when Watch Dogs: Legion Online launches free to all existing players on March 9, 2021.

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