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Watch Dogs: Legion’s big new update is out now



Watch Dogs Legion Online

Watch Dogs: Legion v4.0 arrives today, adding a raft of free and premium content to Ubisoft’s open-world adventure.

The free content in today’s Watch Dogs: Legion update is headlined by two brand new operative types: the First Responder and the DJ. Each comes with unique perks, abilities, and weapons. Additionally, all recruits in the game will now potentially carry one of five randomly assigned twists:

  • Pickpocket – Earn currency with takedowns
  • Stuntman – Collisions, explosions, and falls do less damage
  • Wanted – Albion or Clan Kelley will attack on sight
  • Hoarder – Carry more ammo
  • Second Wind – Regain health by rapidly defeating enemies

In fashion news, players can now make their mark on their DedSec operatives by customising their hair, tattoos, and clothing.


The update also features content for the game’s online mode, with five new solo assignments, two co-op gadgets, and three new co-op missions to enjoy.

Premium paid content includes a new character named Mina Sidhu, who has the ability to mind-control enemies or attack them with a Mental Blast. Sounds painful. Mina is accompanied by a new mission called Swipe Right.

Ubisoft has also reiterated this year’s road map of new content for Watch Dogs: Legion. Two new PvP modes – Extraction and Invasion – are due at the end of May. As is a new Tactical Op called Project Omni. Watch Dogs: Legion – Bloodline is still planned for release in June and features story content staring Aiden Pearce from the original Watch Dogs and Wrench from Watch Dogs 2. August sees the addition of Darcy, an Assassin Brotherhood member who arrives in London to join DedSec.

Watch Dogs: Legion roadmap

As ever, it’s good to see Ubisoft continuing to support its games with free post-release content.

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