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Is a new game in the Wave Race series coming to Nintendo Switch?

That’s what a recent document filed to the European Union Intellectual Property offices suggests.

The class 9 request relates to computer software, so it’s possible that the filing could relate to a Virtual Console release of some kind, although considering the Nintendo 64’s Wave Race 64 is already available on Wii U, it seems unlikely. Or perhaps it means the Switch will be home to a GameCube Virtual Console and that Wave Race: Blue Storm will be release at some point. Our hope, of course, is that a brand new title is in development for the Nintendo Switch.

The speculation is a reminder that there once was a time when Nintendo published a steady stream of fantastic first and second party racing games. Titles like Wave Race 64 and its sequel, 1080° Snowboarding, Excitebike 64 and the F-Zero series were all first class racing experiences. Wave Race: Blue Storm in particular has yet to be bettered when it comes to jet-ski simulation and it would be wonderful to see some of these franchises re-emerge on Nintendo’s newest console.

If a new game is in development we may hear more about it on January 13th when Nintendo is holding a media briefing to fully unveil the Nintendo Switch.

Source: Kotaku

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