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What is the apartment 302 safe code in The Last of Us Part II?

The apartment safe code in The Last of Us Part II isn’t actually written down, which makes it a bit trickier to find than the others.



The Last of Us Part II apartment 302 safe code note
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The apartment 302 safe code in The Last of Us Part II isn’t actually written down, which makes it a bit trickier to find than the others.

So you know the drill by now. You find a safe in The Last of Us Part II, then you need to find a code to open it and access the goodies inside. (Don’t get too excited. The goodies are usually two shotgun shells and a bottle of rubbing alcohol; it’s hardly the crown jewels.)

Often, the code is literally written down for you. There’s a note, left by a (presumably-no-longer-a) survivor, advising their friends or loved ones how to access their disappointing trove. Or as chance may have it, allowing the player to nab some supplies.

Sometimes, the code isn’t written down at all. Instead, the note maker has left a clue, a nod to the environment to find the code. That might be a winning lottery ticket or a suspiciously short wireless password. But in the case of the apartment 302 safe code, it’s not so obvious.

You’ll find reference to the safe on a note that’s been passed back and forth between two apartments. After the evacuation of downtown, by chance, next-door neighbours realise they’re not alone. Both apartments chose not to leave, for reasons their own. But far from the “humans are the real monsters” narrative pushed in The Last of Us Part II and its ilk, these neighbours, who probably never spoke in the before times, begin communicating. Getting to know one another. Helping each other out. Sharing freshly baked cornbread and vodka. It’s heartwarming stuff.

We can track their conversation, back and forth, on a scrap of paper passed under locked doors. Then tragedy strikes and apartment 302, following a death, readies to leave. They pass a note under next door advising them of the code to the safe, telling them to help themselves. Next door writes back a thank you but declines the offer, which means there’s still something in the safe for your grubby little mitts.

But what is the apartment 302 safe code? The clue to this one is in the apartment number:

“I’m leaving our door unlocked and some supplies in our safe. Combo is our apartment number then your apartment number.”

The apartment you’re standing in is 302. You can see that from the board in the room, and it’s also mentioned in the note. So you go to the safe and try 302-303 and nothing happens. Why? Because in some buildings, like houses on some streets, the apartment numbers are even one on side of the corridor and odd on the other.

That actually makes the apartment 302 safe code 302-204.

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