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What the Golf?, the anti golf game, is coming to Nintendo Switch

What the Golf? will get an all-new local multiplayer mode when it launches on Nintendo Switch later this month.



what the golf? nintendo switch

What the Golf? will get an all-new local multiplayer mode when it launches on Nintendo Switch later this month.

There are some things that are really annoying when you’re a writer, that are particularly prevalent when you cover video games. From insisting your game’s title is STYLISED IN ALL CAPS or, even worse, some sort of stupid mIXED cASE nonsense, or having a Numb3r in the title – I’ve got news for you.

If you do that, firstly, we’ll think you’re an idiot and your game looks stupid. And we all resent you for it because it means we can’t just copy and paste out of your press releases, lest we also look stupid. Then if we take the time to undo all that nasty crap to ensure it doesn’t mess up the style of our website, and then your PR person gets in touch to ask us to change it? We actively hate you for it, and every time we change it? It goes from matching the style guide to pure, petty spite. We imagine every instance we fix as a needle in the voodoo doll of whichever marketing loon thought the stylisation was a good idea.


All that being said, it’s hard to stay mad at What the Golf? – with its erroneous question mark that litters our copy with red underlines – because it’s just so much fun. It’s so good, in fact, we reckon it was one of the best video games of 2019.

We’ve played What the Golf? quite a bit over the past couple of years – from demos to press events to its eventual release on Apple Arcade and the Epic Games Store – and it’s been a consistent highlight, every time. From the developers behind Keyboard Sports, it’s a classic case of a silly idea that got out of hand, but in a really positive way.


Imagine the regular, ordinary game of golf. Got that? Great. What the Golf? is… not very much like that at all, really. There’s a golfer, and a ball, and a flag and a hole, but other than that, things go in a more absurdist direction.

And now a new raft of players are going to get to experience What the Golf?’s special brand of nonsense when it releases on Nintendo Switch on May 21, 2020. It’s not just a straight-up port, however; Triband has also added an all-new two-player mode, so you can do golf wrong with a friend.

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