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Looking for where to watch the May 2019 Nintendo Direct? Pull up a chair, friend. You can watch it right here with us.

There’s a new Nintendo Direct on the docket this evening. Don’t get too excited for Animal Crossing news, though. This one is expected to be all about Super Mario Maker 2.

And when we say “this evening” that’s UK time. The Nintendo Direct video presentation will kick off at 11pm for those of us in the UK, so that’s 6pm Eastern, or 3pm Pacific.

If you’re looking for somewhere comfy to settle down and watch the May 2019 Nintendo Direct, you can do that here with us. Right here, in fact:


So whether you’re ducking out of work early to watch in the Eastern United States, or sneaking a crafty watch in the toilets on the West Coast, or – like team Thumbsticks – tucked up in bed with a cup of hot chocolate, we can all watch the Nintendo Direct right here.

And let’s be honest: It’s nicer watching it here than actually on YouTube, with the endless stream of comment nastiness that tends to plague that platform.

Not watching the May 2019 Nintendo Direct live? No problem. Check back with us in the morning for a recap of the important bits.

Bookmark our E3 2019 landing page for extensive coverage, including Nintendo’s E3 Direct presentation.

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