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Wonder Boy – Asha in Monster World physical editions revealed

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Check out the new trailer for Wonder Boy – Asha in Monster World, and drool with delight at the game’s limited-run physical editions.

The latest trailer for StudioArtDink’s promising remake Monster World IV shows some of the game’s new characters and environments, plus Asha’s adorable blue sidekick, Pepelogo.

Wonder Boy – Asha in Monster World is a ground-up remake of the 1994 Sega Mega Drive classic with development led by original creator, Ryuichi Nishizawa. Like 2017’s Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap, the remake gives the game a stunning cel-shaded graphical update.

However, unlike Lizardcube’s acclaimed remake, Wonder Boy – Asha in Monster World isn’t a pixel-for-pixel match of the original’s gameplay. Instead, it uses the 1994 game as a starting point and refines the overall experience. It’s looking extremely promising, nonetheless.

The game will be released digitally, but will also receive three physical editions. Each one comes with the original version of Monster World IV.

The standard Limited Edition is getting a print run of 3,500 copies for Nintendo Switch and 1,700 copies for PlayStation 4.

The Collector’s Edition (2,500 copies for Switch, 1,200 copies for PS4) includes a Monster World Map, two original soundtracks, an art book, and a squishy Pepelogoo.

Most impressive is the Mega Collector’s Edition (999 copies for Switch and 499 copies for PS4). It features everything from the Collector’s Edition, plus additional items including Asha and Pepelogoo figurines, a pin, and a vinyl sticker.

Wonder Boy - Asha in Monster World Limited Edition

Wonder Boy – Asha in Monster World is planned for release in Q2 2021.

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