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After eight years, update 1.0 for World of Tanks rolls out on PC. It pretty much changes everything.

Since its release in on PC in 2010, World of Tanks has – with very little fanfare – signed up a massive 160 million registered players.

Starting today, players in Europe and North America can download the long-awaited Update 1.0. It’s the most significant update the game has yet received and adds a raft of changes, including new visuals, a new soundtrack, a brand new map, and the new Core high-end PC graphics engine.

The Core engine has been in development at Wargaming for over four years. It adds PBR, post-processing effects, advanced shading, improved lighting, new particle effects, plus a wealth of performance enhancements.

Milos Jerabek, development director for World of Tanks PC, said in a press statement:

“Update 1.0 improves the baseline technology for the game, introducing the in-house developed Wargaming Core graphics engine. Thanks to it, we’re now capable of elevating the entire game and can ensure World of Tanks is a fun and immersive experience for years to come.”

The update also adds introduces a new dynamic soundtrack recorded by the Prague Symphonic Orchestra that uses regionally accurate instrumentation. The soundtrack will be available to stream and download for free on major music services such as Spotify and Deezer.

Other additions include the new Glacier Map, tweaks to all existing maps, plus a whole host of other improvements. Head over to the World of Tanks website for the update’s full patch notes.

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