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The Xbox Adaptive Controller has wonderfully accessible packaging

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Were you worried the Xbox Adaptive Controller would be frustratingly buried among inaccessible, impenetrable plastic, like most peripherals?

We spoke to a member of the Xbox Adaptive Controller team at the Xbox Theater, Microsoft’s E3-adjacent event. I’m sorry to say we didn’t catch their name, but to talk through with them made it apparent just how much passion the team at Xbox – in conjunction with charity Able Gamers – has for accessibility, and making gaming accessible.

It was also really cool to see just what variety of peripherals and options were available with the Xbox Adaptive Controller. It is truly adaptable and customisable to any disability, game, or purpose.

The Xbox Adaptive Controller wouldn’t be much good if those less able gamers, whom the device was created, weren’t able to get in it, however. Packaging has long been a frustration for those with motor or dexterity issues; luckily, the Xbox Adaptive Controller’s packaging is just as clever as the device it contains.

The big loops. The handles. The way in which every layer unwraps without any fiddly bits. It all just fits together like clockwork, a fine piece of accessibility poetry, the cherry on top of a wonderful device with beautiful intentions. Gaming is for everyone, and the Xbox Adaptive Controller – and its packaging – prove just that.

Bravo, Microsoft.

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