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Microsoft has announced a solid lineup of titles coming to Xbox Games With Gold in September.

Another month, another really good selection of games coming to Games with Gold. From September 1st you can pick up the fifth edition of Turn 10’s reliable racing simulation, Forza Motorsport 5. The game was a launch title for the Xbox One back in 2013 and although it doesn’t have the depth of content offered by its successors, it should work nicely as an appetizer for October’s Forza Motorsport 7.

Coming to the 360 on the same day is another racer, but one that offers a much more arcade-like experience. Vector Unit’s Hydro Thunder Hurricane is a game that will surely show its age – it was originally released in 2010, after all – but if memory serves, it will still serve up some enjoyable and chaotic split-screen multiplayer shenanigans.

From September 16th you can look forward to Night School’s amazing – and genuinely spooky – adventure game, Oxenfree. Also arriving on the same day is EA’s 2011 FPS, Battlefield 3.

Both 360 titles are backward compatible and playable on Xbox One.

Xbox Games With Gold – September 2017

Xbox One

  • Forza Motorsport 5: Racing Game of the Year Edition – September 1st to 30th
  • Oxenfree – September 16th to October 15th

Xbox 360

  • Hydro Thunder Hurricane – September 1st to 15th
  • Battlefield 3 – September 16th to 30th

Don’t forget, you can still download two of August’s Games with Gold releases. Slime Rancher is available until the end of the the month, as is the marvellous Red Faction: Armageddon.

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  1. According to IGN’s Arthur Gies, Hydro Thunder Hurricane is “plagued by convoluted menus and awful load times.”

    So, brace yourselves for getting lost in the game’s menus, which make it nearly impossible to start a race. When you finally do find your way out of the ‘convoluted menus’, expect to wait a very long time before you can actually start racing!

    It’s probably for the best that Vector Unit made playing Hydro Thunder Hurricane such a slow and difficult experience, because according to IGN — and no other review site — it’s not worth playing. Their score: 5.5/10.

    1. 5.5 suggests about average, no? I certainly had fun with it back in the day. Rough round the edges, absolutely. Fun enough as a freebie, absolutely.

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