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Take a trip down memory lane with the Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Sale.

The Xbox One digital games store is offering significant discounts on over 90 games from the last console generation. Luckily, they are all titles supported by Microsoft’s Backwards Compatibility program, and can be played on the Xbox One.

Pick of the bunch is Rockstar’s Wild West classic, Red Dead Redemption, which gets a 67% price cut. The game performs slightly better on Xbox One, and also gets a 4K bump on Xbox One X. Despite its age, the game still holds up, and you’ll have just enough to time to finish it before Red Dead Redemption 2 arrives in October.

Other Rockstar games in the sale that stand the test of time are Grand Theft Auto IV, and Bully Scholarship Edition.

Elsewhere, EA’s disturbing and scary sci-fi horror Dead Space is reduced by 75%, as is Bioware’s classic RPG, Dragon Age Origins.

The sale runs until September 10, 2018. Here are some more recommendations.

Xbox One Backwards Compat Sale Highlights

  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 – 50%
  • Red Dead Redemption – 67%
  • Borderlands – 75%
  • BioShock – 60%
  • Bully Scholarship Edition – 60%
  • Dead Space – 75%
  • Dragon Age Origins – 75%
  • Grand Theft Auto IV – 65%
  • Mafia II – 75%
  • Mirrors Edge – 67%
  • SSX – 67%
  • XCOM Enemy Within – 80%

To see the full lineup, head over to the Xbox One Digital Store, or the Xbox web store.

As an aside, this sale makes me think two things. One, I’m getting old. Can it really be ten years since the release of games like Grand Theft Auto IV and Dead Space? And two, I’m beginning to think that the last console generation was much better than the current one.

Let me know how wrong I am in the comments below.


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