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After the bumper crop in November, the Xbox One backwards compatibility library hasn’t had any new additions, until now.

Three new games have found their way back from purgatory: Far Cry 2, Driver: San Francisco, and Sniper Elite V2. These are all good games, all worthy additions.

Far Cry 2 is underrated, and though the series’ third outing rightly gets the most recognition, Far Cry 2 is an excellent open-world game, and one that raised the bar on its release back in 2008 when it was first released.

Sniper Elite V2 is another classic in Rebellion’s irreverent AA franchise. The series has consistently broken the mould for what we think of when we think of indie games. It’s a comic, terrifically violent jaunt through Nazi-occupied Europe, with one of the most satisfying slow-motion mechanics in gaming, ever.

Lastly, Driver: San Francisco was overlooked when it first released, and deserves a second shot – one which our very own Miguel Penabella gave us. It’s a delightfully pulpy piece of popcorn entertainment with a barmy premise, shot through with an emotional resonance you don’t see coming.

It also has unbelievably satisfying handbrake turns.

As ever, if you have the games physically, you can just use your old copies; if not, then digital versions can be found in the Ready to Download area, or directly through the Xbox Store.