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Xbox to launch new consoles with global livestream on November 10

Team Xbox are going to be in a celebratory mood in light of the launch of the new Xbox generation.



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Virtually party and raise money to celebrate the advent of the next-gen consoles

Team Xbox is going to be in a celebratory mood in light of the launch of the new Xbox generation. If you’re not too busy getting either an Xbox Series X or S, playing on one, or sitting around feeling woeful that you didn’t secure one by preordering in time, they’re going to be running a global livestream.


Head of Xbox Phil Spencer promises the livestream to be a “companion to your gaming plans” rather than more traditional fare with big announcements and press releases aplenty.

Instead, there will be: behind-the-scenes looks at next-gen games, stories from developers, “Let’s Plays” with creators, and a showcase of the available launch highlights.

If it all still feels too promotional for your sensibilities, Phil says it will be also a chance to “raise vital funds for great causes,” so that’s lovely.

The livestream will be available on YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook Gaming from 7pm GMT onwards on November 10th.

For more on why the Xbox Series X’s teraflops might be worth celebrating, we’ve got you covered.

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