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There are lots of Yo-kai Watch Wibble Wobble treats to gobble this Christmas.

To start with there are two new bosses coming to the game’s Score Attack mode. Flower-borne Camellia is available now and will be followed by jet-black Orcanos from 19-25 December, 2016. If you defeat both, you’ll earn in-game Christmas Coins that can be exchanged for Fruitnyan.

Camellia also makes her Wibble Wobble debut in the Crank-a-Kai. The new Yo-kai has a special Soultimate Move and two types of simultaneous effects: attacking all enemies, and restoring ally’s health points. Once befriended, Camellia’s moves can also deal more damage and help players eventually befriend Gargaros, who makes an appearance in December’s Terror Time special event.

“The Year 2016 has been incredible for Yo-kai Watch Wibble Wobble,” says Yukari Hayakawa, COO of LEVEL-5 abby. “We’re grateful to the millions of Yo-kai Watch fans who continue to play the game every day, and we fully intend to keep them on their toes with polished content updates such as this one. Stay tuned for more holiday events. In the meantime, good luck beating Gargaros!”

Yo-kai Watch Wibble Wobble Holiday Events

New Bosses in Score Attack

  • 12/12 – 18/12: Camellia
  • 19/12 – 25/12: Orcanos

Christmas Coin and New Year Coin

  • 12/12 – 09/01: Beginning with Score Attack and expanding later to event missions.
  • Starting on 26/12: Christmas Coin transforms into New Year Coin

Terror Time: Gargaros Emerges

  • 12/12 – 08/01: Defeat and befriend Gargaros in a special event map with three difficulty levels: Terror Time, Super Terror Time, and, you’ve guessed it, Ultra Terror Time

New Yo-kai Camellia debuts in the Crank-a-Kai

  • Includes Special Soultimate Move with two types of simultaneous effects: attacking all enemies, and restoring ally’s HP

Level 5 are also running a special Yo-Kai Watch sweepstake with toys, Nintendo 3DS games, clothing, bedding and books to be won. Head over to Yo-Kai World for more details.

Get Yo-Kai Watch on Nintendo 3DS.

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