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This rare 1990 video goes behind-the-scenes at Nintendo

Take a trip back to 1990 with this rare look behind the scenes at Nintendo of America.



Nintendo of America - 1990 video
btm0815ma / Thumbsticks

Take a trip back to 1990 with this rare look behind the scenes at Nintendo of America.

YouTube channel btm0815ma has published some long-unseen footage that takes viewers on a tour of Nintendo of America’s Redmond HQ. The 20-minute long video covers everything from NOA’s research and development operation to the actual manufacture of NES consoles.

The b-roll footage offers a fascinating glimpse into Nintendo’s business at the peak of the 8-bit era. (It’s also of interest to me on a personal note, as my uncle worked at Nintendo in the early 1990s. Honest.)


Grab a coffee and enjoy.

btm0815ma’s YouTube channel includes lots more of interest to gaming enthusiasts. Highlights include a visit to the 1991 Consumer Electronics Show, a trip to Toys “R” Us, and a report from a 1998 video game arcade.

You’ll also find much to enjoy if you’re really into TV news coverage of the first Gulf War.

Via: Cabel and btm0815ma.

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