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Animal Crossing: New Horizons – New Bugs, Fish, and Sea Creatures for January

New Year, new critters! Here’s the complete list of January’s new critters coming to Animal Crossing: New Horizons.



Animal Crossing: New Horizons - List of Bugs, Fish, Sea Creatures arriving in January
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New Year, new critters! Here’s the complete list of new bugs, fish and sea creatures coming to Animal Crossing: New Horizons in January.

January is a bad month for Animal Crossing: New Horizons players in the Northern Hemisphere hoping to fill the gaps in their Critterpedias. A grand total of zero new fish, bugs, and sea creatures arrive this month. We blame the chilly weather.

Meanwhile, in the Southern Hemisphere, players can look forward to the return of the Cyclommatus stag, Walking sticks, and Napoleonfish, to name just a few. Here’s the full lineup.


Animal Crossing: New Horizons Critters – Arriving in January

Northern Hemisphere

No new critters! Sob.

Southern Hemisphere

GrasshopperBug160Ground8 PM – 5 PM
Brown cicadaBug250Trees8 PM – 5 PM
Robust cicadaBug300Trees8 PM – 5 PM
Giant cicadaBug500Trees8 PM – 5 PM
Evening cicadaBug550Trees4 PM – 8 PM & 4 PM – 7 PM
Cicada shellBug10TreesAll day
Blue weevil beetleBug800Palm treesAll day
Earth-boring dung beetleBug300GroundAll day
Scarab beetleBug10,000Trees11 PM – 8 PM
Saw stagBug2,000TreesAll day
Miyama stagBug1,000TreesAll day
Giant stagBug10,000Trees11 PM – 8 PM
Cyclommatus stagBug8,000Palm trees5 PM – 8 PM
Golden stagBug12,000Palm trees5 PM – 8 PM
Giraffe stagBug12,000Palm trees5 PM – 8 PM
Horned dynastidBug1,350Palm trees5 PM – 8 PM
Horned atlasBug8,000Palm trees5 PM – 8 PM
Horned elephantBug8,000Palm trees5 PM – 8 PM
Horned herculesBug12,000Palm trees5 PM – 8 PM
Walking stickBug600Trees4 PM – 8 PM & 5 PM – 7 PM
Walking leafBug600Disguised as a leafAll day
Blue marlinFish10,000PierAll day
NapoleonfishFish10,000Sea4 PM – 9 PM
Ocean sunfishFish4,000Sea4 PM – 9 PM
Puffer fishFish250SeaAll day
SweetfishFish900RiverAll day
Moon Jelly FishSea Creature600OceanAll day
Giant isopodSea Creature12,000OceanAll day
Horseshoe crabSea Creature2,500Ocean9 PM – 4 AM

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