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Pick up another free game from the Humble Store for a limited time

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Get gravity-defying first-person platformer, A Story About My Uncle, free for a limited time from the Humble Store.

The Epic Store isn’t the only one giving away free games. The Humble Store was doing it before it was cool.

For the next two days – less a couple of hours, since we received the press release – you’ll be able to pick up a full game, normally priced at a tenner, for absolutely nothing. For keeps and everything!

The game in question is A Story About My Uncle, from Gone North Games, who are now Coffee Stain North. No, we’d not heard of it, either. A quick look at the trailer reveals it to be an intriguing prospect, however.

A Story About My Uncle takes the first-person, science gun mechanics of games like Portal and Q.U.B.E. and mashes them up with some ethereal 3D platforming.

It’s a surreal and beautiful world of floating platforms that requires players to be Spider-Man through the air, Super Mario on the platforms, and brings with it the non-violent, first-person narrative unfurling of games like Gone Home and Edith Finch.

This is definitely one worth checking out, and given that it’s free? You’d be mad not to.

There are also still 10 days, at the time of writing, left to run on the massive Humble Winter Sale.

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