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Onion Games has announced that the cult favourite “anti-RPG” Moon will be released on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.

The remaster of Love-de-Lic’s classic PlayStation game Moon is getting a welcome PS4 and PS5 release.

The genre-busting adventure was developed in 1997 by a group of ex-Square creatives keen to challenge RPG conventions. And they most certainly did. Moon explores the damage caused by video game protagonists, with the player clearing up the mess caused by a murderous hero, and healing the inhabitants of a strange world called Love-De-Gard.

The game quickly found an appreciative audience, and its influence can be found in the likes of Contact and, of course, Undertale. In fact, it was a conversation between Undertale developer Toby Fox and Moon designer Yoshiro Kimura that led to the game’s return.

Onion Games released the updated version of Moon for the Nintendo Switch in 2019, the first time the game was officially localised in English. The PS5/PS4 edition doesn’t have a confirmed release date as yet, but it’s now available to wishlist on the PlayStation Store.

Take a look at the new trailer.

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