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A bug means there are fisticuffs in the air. Apex Legends is like an EasyJet flight to Magaluf right now.

The latest update to Apex Legends, version 3.1, dropped yesterday. It brings with it lots of welcome inclusions, like the implementation of duos mode, and the addition of the firing range for danger-free practice sessions. You can enter the firing range on your own, in duos, or in a squad, and once you’re there you can practice your skills on a range of dummies, and swap between legends and weapons as much as you like.

Not every addition to Apex Legends in update 3.1 is quite so welcome, however. Well, it’s quite funny, but it’s certainly not intentional.

While players are still on the ApeLegs dropship – usually a safe space before players jump down to the island – they can currently melee attack one another. This is leading to some amusing sound effects, and if you get beaten up enough? You might find you’re already knocked down when you hit the ground.

It’s a fairly easy bug to exploit – just hammer the melee button and hope for the best – but because you can’t see where you are in the dropship, it’s hard to consistently target a player to knock them before the round starts. That doesn’t mean it can’t happen, however, and in the scramble for loot at the start of a round, wasting time reviving a squadmate might cost you dearly.

There are echoes of the chaos that used to ensue in PUBG’s anarchic, weapon-filled lobby, until that was patched out in a later version of the game. Respawn will no doubt be working to squash this Apex Legends bug, too.

Via Kotaku.

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