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Beat Saber is coming to PlayStation VR

Beat Saber, the VR rhythm game from Hyperbolic Magnetism, is coming to PlayStation VR.



Beat Saber

Beat Saber, the virtual reality rhythm game from Hyperbolic Magnetism, is coming to PlayStation VR.

The latest pre-E3 announcement from Sony confirms that Beat Saber is ‘coming soon’ to PlayStation VR.

Beat Saber launched on Steam for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift last month, and has become an instant phenomenon. The game’s lightsaber-swinging rhythm action is exhilarating to play, but just as much fun to watch, something of a rarity for a VR game.

Using PS Move controllers, players must successfully slice and dice beats on a track in specific directions to build the game’s electronica soundtrack. Music for the game comes from Los Angeles-based composer, Jaroslav Beck, who has previously worked on promotional material for Overwatch, StarCraft, and EA’s Battlefield series.

The PC release of Beat Saber includes a custom track creator that allows players to chart their own music into the game. At the time of writing we are awaiting confirmation that this mode will be included in the PS VR version, it would certainly be a shame if it isn’t, as this video of DragonForce’s Through the Fire and Flames beautifully demonstrates.

Beat Saber is the second of this week’s PS VR announcements, following on from the reveal of the Tetsuya Mizuguchi-produced, Tetris Effect. It’s a good week for fans of dance music and neon lights, that’s for sure.

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