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The best Doom Eternal weapon mods (and the order you should unlock them in)

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The latest Doom game is awash with unlocks and upgrades. Here’s our guide to the best Doom Eternal weapon mods (and the ones you should unlock as a priority).

Early on in Doom Eternal, as the game is subjecting you to death by tutorial, you’ll run into a weapon mod upgrade station. It’s a weird little green floating robot that contains at the most weapon upgrade, but also, the potential for every weapon upgrade in the game.

It’s weird, sure, but it’s not the weirdest thing in the game. (Don’t tug too hard at those threads. The sinew holding the game together is tenuous at best, and it’s actively worse when they try and explain anything. Definitely do unlock the retro armour, though.)

Doom Eternal weapon mod upgrade robot

Because weapon mod upgrades are limited by the number of unlock robots, this means you have to be selective about your weapon mod choices. Well, at first. The further you get into the game and the more you explore, the more weapon mods you’ll unlock. By the endgame, you’ll likely have unlocked them all, or thereabouts.

But as you progress through Doom Eternal, you’ll need to be picky about the order you unlock weapon mods to be the most effective demon slayer. Here are our recommendations for the ones you should prioritise as you work through the weapons on offer.

Combat Shotgun

Doomguy’s first weapon – there’s no pistol in Doom Eternal – is one of his most basic. But it’s also one of the most versatile, if you pick the right mod.

You might be tempted by the Full Auto mod, which sounds like a good idea, but the Sticky Bombs mod is far more useful. You’ll lean on it for taking down Cacodemons for one thing – the daft round boys will just eat those explosives up – but it’s also handy for targeting weak spots and sticking to speedy enemies, or for doing damage to a group of demons.

Heavy Cannon

This is Doom Eternal’s version of the assault rifle and its usage is similar. Less powerful than the Combat Shotgun with a slower rate of fire than the Chaingun, but is quite a sensible weapon for a very unsensible game.

Again, the Micro Missiles mod seems like the winner here, but you’re far better favouring the Precision Bolt. It consumes multiple rounds to fire, but does dramatically more damage and at a much greater range. Use this to pick enemies off before they can engage, or target demon weaknesses with extreme precision.

Plasma Rifle

Doom Eternal’s Plasma Rifle is very similar to the classic version. It’s rapid, like the Heavy Cannon and Chaingun, but packs a bit more punch per round – particularly to energy shields.

Both the mods for the Plasma Rifle are decent, actually, so you’ll want to unlock both. The Heat Blast uses residual energy from firing the rifle to deliver a burst of energy and push back nearby enemies. The Microwave Beam, on the other hand, will freeze an enemy on the spot with chain lightning, particularly handy for speedy, slippery demons.

Super Shotgun

The Super Shotgun is, as ever, one of the most powerful “regular” weapons. It uses two shotgun shells per shot and deals devastating damage at short range.

You can’t mod the Super Shotgun in Doom Eternal because it comes equipped with a mod out of the gate. It’s fitted with an under-barrel grappling hook called the Meat Hook, which functions like a cross between Mortal Kombat’s Scorpion and Link’s Hook Shot. “Get over here!”

Rocket Launcher

Now we’re getting up to the heavy-duty gear. Your Rocket Launcher doesn’t deal as much damage as the ones equipped on the demons, but it does have some neat tricks.

You could argue that both the Rocker Launcher mods are useful, but we’d favour the Lock-on Burst. After a couple of seconds to acquire a target, it fires three rockets – which is obviously three times the damage – but better than that, the rockets will track and home in on their target. This is vital against fast-moving beasts and can be used to effectively shoot around corners. The other mod, Remote Detonation, just allows you to detonate a rocket in flight.


The Chaingun is Doom’s classic, chain-fed Gatling gun. Where normally it shares ammo with the pistol, here, it shares ammo with the Heavy Cannon.

Again, both the mods for the Chaingun are useful. One allows you you to raise an Energy Shield to deflect incoming projectiles, while the other turns the Chaingun into a Portable Turret. The turret deals huge damage in a short period – which means it splurges ammo and is prone to overheating, in true video game turret tradition – whereas the shield has obvious uses.


The Ballista is a brand new beast in Doom Eternal. It’s an energy weapon, similar to the Plasma Rifle, but consumes a lot of ammo per shot to deal heavy damage. Also, it’s a demonic laser crossbow. Crossbows are cool.

The Arbalest mod sounds like the better one here – a charged explosive bolt – but you’ll want to favour the Energy Blade. That delivers a horizontal beam of energy that can cut demons in half, and fans out to target a big group.


You can’t mod the BFG-9000 in Doom Eternal, but why would you want to? It’s the best.

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