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In a developer live stream last night, fans were treated to a glimpse of the upcoming Beyond Good and Evil 2.

Along with some footage of melee brawling and spaceship combat, there was also information on about the game. It was part of a half-hour Twitch Stream which featured Michel Ancel, the game’s creator.

The first big piece of information is that you play as a custom-made character. Exploration and playing with others will be a massive part of the game, so the character creation makes sense.

The return of the camera, from the first game, is a big deal. It isn’t so much a camera this time around; it’s more of a spyglass, but you can still snap photos and scan objects.

Speaking of the first Beyond Good & Evil, the story of the new game will include information about Jade – the protagonist last time round. There will also be more about the villain, DomZ, and more into the gene-splicing animal-human hybrids from the first game.

There was also a timeline of events fleshing out the history of Earth’s technological progress, and the placement of the two games.

Perhaps there will be more shown of Beyond Good and Evil 2 at this year’s E3.

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