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In case you missed it, Nightdive Studios is updating the classic 1997 Blade Runner video game for Steam, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.

Originally released in 1997, Blade Runner won acclaim for its story its game design, and visuals. The original score from Frank Klepacki – which is a faithful but individual companion piece to Vangelis’ music – is also remarkable.

The original version of the Westwood-developed adventure game was lost for years but it reemerged last year on Mac and PC following efforts to get the game running on the ScummVM program.

Now, Nightdive Studios is using their proprietary KEX engine to update and polish Blade Runner for a PC and console remaster. The studio has previously developed acclaimed ports of System Shock, Turok, Turok 2: Seeds of Evil, and Forsaken Remastered.

Although the objective is to retain the look and feel of the original, the remastered Blade Runner will feature updated character models, improved animation, widescreen support, and upscaled cutscenes. The studio has also managed to find the original foreign-language translations for German, French, Italian, and Chinese.

Speaking about the project, Nightdive CEO Stephen Kick said:

Blade Runner is still a jaw-dropping achievement on every level, so while we’re using KEX to upgrade the graphics and respectfully elevate the gaming experience in a way you’ve never seen before, we’re still preserving Westwood’s vision and gameplay in all its glory. While you can enjoy the benefits of playing the game on modern hardware, the game should look and feel not as it was, but as glorious as you remember it being.”

Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition is planned for release later this year on Steam, Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch.

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